Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Public Broadcasting $hares

So the thing is this - every now and then I think I've seen just about everything.  But this newest outrage must be reported, and I must admit that it has occurred to me that many potential readers will think I have made this up. I did not. I am watching a program on Public Broadcasting which traces the development and growth of Newspapers here in Vermont. As it is a new program of some interest, it is, of course, pledge time. During the pledge break, it was announced that a particular bank in this State would donate 3 dinners to the poor for every new membership received.


Good God, the patronising attitude and sanctimonious piety is as overwhelming as cheap perfume applied with a heavy hand.

During this evening, I have been doing my best to separate body and soul - ootherwise, I imagine I would be sputtering in righteous indignation at the hideously cynical attitude displayed. Such chutzpah. I do believe that I am having an attack of the vapours. I think shall lie down now.