Monday, June 27, 2011

Something this way comes

So I was sleeping most peacefully the other night, er, morning. It was about 12 hours after the solstice. Something woke me up  - a bat had somehow gotten into my room and was flying around trying to find a way out. At least, that's what I was hoping it was doing. It did stop long enough for me to get a good look at it. It was a bat alright. But it was sorta white, and its wing span was greater than the usual bats around here. After several hours of playing hide and seek, I went back to bed, maybe a little concerned - it had, after all been only inches above me, swooping in a bombing run when it woke me. I left two doors open. I assume it left, for I haven't seen it since. Normally, I'd think that a bat flying around the place would be an auspicious sign. And on solstice? Does the whiteness of the bat reverse the lucky portent? It's not like I've been obsessed with this or anything, but...

On Saturday night , I guess it was after 10pm or so, there seemed to be a change in the light from Putney Road. It was like a streetlamp had gone out. Professor Dumbledore, is that you? I had made my way to the screen door and was about to open it to walk out onto the balcony. That's when I knew. I moved back quickly. Something evil was passing by. I've no idea if these things are connected, or what they mean. But something is building up and about to happen.

Do you suppose the gods were overplaying the signs and symbols as a way of noting that Miclelle Bachman was about to join the presidential race?