Monday, June 15, 2015

Time of the year....

Thanks to another rainy day I've managed to get several things done, including the shopping. I've been catching up on the laundry all afternoon. The building in which I live has one washer and one dryer. There isn't a Laundromat within walking distance. Every time I've tried to do the laundry over the last several days, the machines have been in use; that includes Sunday evening when there was a pile in front of the washer, plus a hamper, in waiting. The washer quits mid-cycle every now and then, leaving clothes in a inch or two of water in it's tub. The dryer requires guess work - will it stop working after a half an hour, an hour, or will it go for two hours or longer? I do like adventures, but I must admit that there are some things in life which are easier to deal with when they are predictable.

The rainy days are badly needed, but they have played havoc with the garden. Over the last few years, the changes in the weather have taken a toll. The peonies bloom weeks earlier than they used to, and lose their blossoms so quickly now due to increased and unseasonal heat, pounding by rainstorms, or the steam effect one two punch of both in combination. The garden can be overwhelmingly beautiful one day, only to find the next day filled with the sad task of removing too many spent blooms. But as I work, the air is perfumed with peonies, the old Iris that smells like grapes, and the old roses.

Saturday's radio show (June 13th) played a few for the month of June, played a lot for the birthday of Cole Porter (June 9th), and paid a brief visit to June 13th, 1940 to tune in that night's Glenn Miller Moonlight Serenade, 75 years ago to the night.

As always, I hope any listeners enjoy the show.