Sunday, June 3, 2012

To live in the fantasy again

It's been a lovely morning. There was a romantic's mist which settled in ever so briefly around 6am. It was a quiet morning - except for the birds whose 5am wake up chatter was rather boisterous. After yesterday's rain, I suppose that was forgivable. If I had a better camera (and glasses through which to see properly) I'd have run out to take photographs. I miss taking pictures. As much as I like the new digital world, I miss 35mm film. Now that Kodak is under bankruptcy re-organisation, does anyone still make 35mm film? Can it still be developed? I have several rolls that never made it to the photo shop during periods of financial duress. I've no idea what's on them. I hope I can still get them developed. Another project for another day. From 6am until 8am I took the time to web surf - my wifi connection has returned, at least for now. As I meandered around, I kept finding images of the world in which I grew up. A world in which design mattered. Yes, it was all a fantasy. And yes, sometimes, I want it back. A world of crepe paper proms, of girls in summer dresses, of fashion models in impossible poses...

Un-published photo taken for LIFE magazine, Mariemont High School's 1958 prom
Un-published photo taken for LIFE magazine, Mariemont High School's 1958 prom

LIFE magazine, 1958 - 'Formal dance held at the Kenwood Country Club was only traditional part of Mariemont's prom'

Evelyn Tripp in a summer dress, 1950's. I think this was taken for Vogue magazine.

Model wearing a gown with tulle trim for Queen magazine, 1951

Mannequins in window - Stockholm 1957

Dovima for Vogue US, 1951.

Jean Patchett, 1950s

Oh, well. Time to go. There's a beautiful day a'wastin'. Of course, I have to get the laundry started before the usual Sunday morning guy monopolizes the machines for the rest of the day....