Friday, July 27, 2012


If anyone is looking for me or wondering where I am (and there are a few people who know to look here) my absence from the online world is not of my choosing. It's a simple lack of an internet connection. After I was disconnected by Comcast and lost my tv/internet/phone package, I was still able to stay online thanks to two wifi signals in my residential area. The good one vanished well over a month ago, and now the one with only a sporadic connection has gone as well.

Getting to use the internet access at our library is nearly impossible - there is a crowd of regular users who monopolize the main set of computers (one gets two 45 minute periods of use per day with on'es library card's codes). There is a second bank of "express" computers where one can get 20  minutes of internet use. Those are the ones that you can usually get to use. When I log on, I have to go right to my email as I get so much spam that my 10meg inbox fills up in one day. All of the radio station's email is set up to forward from the website to me.

This is the first time I've been able to get to post a note here. So.... just in case anyone is wondering, everything is okay, I've just been suffering from the usual symptoms of poverty, that's all.

I really have no idea when I'll be able to pay off Comcast and get my service back. I'd have to pull the paperwork to be sure, but the bill they send looks to me like they are billing me for the month when I was off service electronically, before they actually disconnected the wiring. In the meantime, they closed their local office and are now billing me another $550.00 (give or take a bit) because I haven't returned their equipment.

Ah, well.
Wish me luck in buying those occasional lottery tickets.
I'll try to post when I can.