Saturday, August 22, 2015

Do Nothing till You Hear From Me

It seems I still can't find the time to fit in a decent post. Can we go for indecent (ba-da-dumb)?

Here's last Saturday's radio show...  which took brief note of a few birthdays before using the old Philco to tune in August 1943 for a broadcast by Duke Ellington from New York City's Hurricane Club.  The broadcast, on August the 14th, featured singer Al Hibbler, whose birthday was August the 16th. In the broadcast, Hibbler gave the first public performance of the lyric (written for him) for "Do Nothing till You Hear From Me", which had been introduced as an instrumental few months earlier. As such, it was a reworked version of Ellington's "Concerto for Cootie".
Duke Ellington with singer Al Hibbler.

As always, I hope any listeners enjoy...