Sunday, November 2, 2014

A book fair, a murder, and Artie Shaw.

Last night's radio show (Saturday November 1st, 2014 notes the birthdays of Illinois Jacquet, Ethel Waters (amazing life story), and Bunny Berigan (another hell of a story). At the beginning of the show, there is an except from the first commercial radio broadcast - election returns given on the evening of November 2nd, 1920. When introducing the clip, I mention that it was 94 years ago. When I mentioned it later, while giving that segment's playlist, I realized (on listening to the playback) that I'd said 74 years ago. This kind of thing is what I refer to as 'the joys of aging'. The big band broadcast at the end of the show is a late night sustaining remote (no commercials) from November the 3rd, 1939 of Artie Shaw at the Café Rouge of the Hotel Pennsylvania (click the link for a flash from the past blog post). During the week preceding my shows, I usually post clippings from the local newspaper from the week of the big band broadcast on the show's Facebook page. (You should be able to see the page and click through the images using the link - but you won't be able to leave comments there unless you have a Facebook page of your own.) It was quite a week here in town, we'd had a book fair; due in part to inclement weather the "sanest" Halloween in years; and the town became part of a sensational murder story. Here's a couple of examples:

And here's the radio show - although I don't know how long it will be available.

I hope if anyone listens you'll enjoy the show.