Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Thanksgiving Shuffle

Why is it that there are so many things to be posted --- right up 'til the moment in which fingers caress keys?

So, now it seems that the issue of the moment is about to swing from the 'Ah, Jeeezus' phase right into full blown "What the hell are they doing?" phase.

Today, this turned up on YouToobe:

Forgetting whether it is real or staged for a moment, what I find interesting is the way this story has suddenly attained full media glare. The whole affair is beginning to feel planned out, as though the Madison Avenue boys had moved a project from the story boards to live broadcast.

On one hand, this could be a diversion. If it is, then you have to wonder what is going on that someone doesn't want you to notice. And who would be behind it, and why.

If it is real, then why weren't there a few hundred voices raised in right-ous indignation right there on the spot? Is this how we are supposed to act, calmly and unquestioningly letting men in uniform trample on human rights in front of us? What do ya think we'll sit by and allow them to do next week?

Maybe all this is really just a long promo for a new reality show.

And just a few days before the busiest transportation day of the year, too.

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