Saturday, January 1, 2011


I know, I know  - the title's a bit hokey. But I'll probably never have a chance to do it again, so... We are quickly reaching the "Ahhhhhhh' moment - the one where its all over until next year. That moment. It's here. Unless your tastes are more Catholic, in which case ya still got Epiphany to get through.

Here it is New Year and all, but it just doesn't have that button that gets the "Ahhhhh". As if the year just finishing wasn't bad enough - we seem to say that every year now_ if you grew up in the Philadelphia area you got a great surreal slam bang finish in the Mummer's Parade. I am not going to attempt to explain it just now. Here's a general idea of what it is like.

At any rate, you can relax now.

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Austan said...

You can always change the date of a post ;)

I'm writing to that time traveler. I want outta here. 1968, here I come!