Friday, April 15, 2011

It's a Do Me Do Day!

In yesterday's post, I didn't get around to describing my Kafkaesque encounters with The Prudential Insurance Company, the Post Office and their tax on the poor, nor my (lack of) interaction with whatever they're calling Food Stamps these days. And I'm not going to do it now. Today is Hans Conreid's birthday. He was a fixture of my youth, playing Uncle Tonoose on The Danny Thomas Show, the Slave in the Magic Mirror on tv's Disneyland show (and probably the inspiration for Jombi but if you don't know, don't ask), Captain Hook in Disney's Peter Pan, the host of Fractured Flickers (and the voices of Sidney Whiplash and Dudley Do-Right), a constant guest on the Ernie Kovacs show, English tutor Percy Livermore on I Love Lucy, and often showed up on The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show as the psychiatrist. As if he wasn't already a Stevil favorite, he definitely entered that pantheon with his performance as Dr. Terwilliker, the music teacher in The 5,000 fingers of Dr. T. He also taught me how to get dressed on a Happy Day.
Thanks, Mr. Conried, and Happy Birthday!

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Austan said...

I tippytippytoe through my garden, where all the pretty flowers dwell. There's a rare perfume in my garden and I just like to stand there and smell. :D We miss you, Mr. Conreid.