Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The little glimmers of light

About a month back, one of the medications I take to deal with depression needed to have its prescription renewed. As usual, I left a message for my doctor. When I picked it up, I noticed that one particular med had changed, was a lower dose, and was to be taken only once a day. What I didn't know was that my doctor was out on vacation at the time, and someone in his office made the change. This particular change was more than the dosage, it seems that it enters and reacts with the blood stream differently than the one it should have been. Last Friday was a doctor visit and the script was corrected. I picked it up on Monday, and am now feeling incredibly better. No more pity parties like that last post.

With the morning off before I have to go to work, I called my landlord and we had a talk. The big news is that he is willing to try to work things out so I can renew my lease. It was a well timed call. He is having lunch today with someone who is a big time benefits type from Montpelier. He asked for permission to talk about my situation - I didn't even take a second to say yes. We went over my income, my problems getting food stamps, the times I've been told there are no more Section 8s (housing help) available, etc.

The gods and curses that damn me please forgive my reaction, but things may be looking up.

Glimmers of hope.


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You don't even know how relieved and happy this makes me. Of course I'm pissed your doctor's office messed with your meds, but I'm thankful it all got fixed. I knew things would start looking up for you. Hooray! xoxo