Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My God but I love this new computer. Posting to my blog now takes seconds.Chchch-changing a word happens lickety-split; on the old computer it took several minutes. And all these new thingys! And, of course, figuring out how to get around all these new thingys to get it set up the way I want...

A couple of good birthdays to note:

First, Happy Birthday,  Mr. Fred Astaire!

And Happy Birthday to Mr. David O. Selznick, who produced some of my favorite movies. He also first hired director George Cukor, and brought Alfred Hitchcock to Hollywood. He was the kind of producer who built a fabulous jungle set at RKO for "Bird of Paradise", knowing he would use it for "The Most Dangerous Game" as well. And then he green lit one particular movie which also made use of the set before he headed off to MGM - "King Kong" (bless him). Then there was the time he burned down the last vestiges of the "Intolerance" set (used in Kong) as the opening scene in his magnum opus, "Gone With the Wind".

from the MGM "A Tale of Two Cities"
From "Dinner at Eight"

You don't really need me to identify this, do you?

I've got to get to work, so the last birthday I'll mention is:

And finally, the Found Pic of the Day:

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