Saturday, May 7, 2011

Of OMG, WOW and frustration

Well, I finally did it. I got a new computer. HP desktop. It has Windows7 as its operating system. I love it. I am also frustrated by it. Everything is different. Sometimes the changes are simple ones. Others not so much. I spent much of yesterday setting up email accounts, only to have all of the work I did vanish when I updated to Internet Explorer 9. Suddenly, my only email option was my Hotmail account. I don't like Hotmail. It has taken what felt like an age and a half to find the Windows Live mail program (Stevil likes) but I did it. And made it my default email program. The work I'd already done was there. The spam filter is great. So far I haven't spent much time with Explorer9 - I only dloaded it about an hour ago. As for the rest of the computer, it's so nice to have a keyboard that works. Websites appear instantly. Videos stream properly now. So many changes - the only one I haven't figured my way around is to be able to see what is on my computer as a series of nested file folders. It's terribly old fashioned of me, but I like it - so there. Okay, back to exploring. I just wanted to see how posting to the blog was affected. And OMG but it's so easy now.

Here's today's graphics "just because".

Midgets for Coolidge 1924

And, I didn't post on May 5th as I bought the computer after work. So here's the graphic I had intended to use that day.

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