Monday, July 18, 2011

as the sky darkens and the thunder booms...

A few posts back, I mentioned that I was spending a good deal of time updating the almanac I started years ago on another site. Well, I've decided that I might as well post it, or portions of it, on my blog. Over the years, the birthday list part became a multi person effort. Two guys, different in age, Ricola and - oh, dear, where has that little bit of memory gotten to, ah! Ricola and Todd, pushed it past my efforts by adding in all the younger folk I didn't know. Other board members were requested to add to the list by posting things they knew, or graphics they might have,corrections, etc. (The initial posts came from a list that turned out to be unreliable.) After awhile, I had to give it up and the guys took over completely. Eventually they turned it over to night cub, and now it's back to me. Many of the images go back to my original posts. They need updating. I would often list birthdays of note for which I did not add photos or write about the subject. Over the years, pics were added, a number of people were dropped (I guess they were too esoteric for some),etc. I'm adding them back in. Of course.

Ta Dah!

July 18th Birthdays:
William Makepeaqce Thackeray (1811-1863) novelist. Vanity Fair, The Book of Snobs, The Luck of Barry Lyndon, etc.

Margaret Brown (1867-1932) Activist, philanthropist, Titanic survivor. The Unsinkable Molly Brown was actually called Maggie by her friends. The gentleman in the photo is Arthur Henry Rostron, Captain of the Carpathia. 

Richard Dix (1893-1949) – actor

George "Machine Gun" Kelly (1895-1954) small time criminal whose wife promoted his image into that of a top gangster.

Chill Wills (1903-1978) – actor

Clifford Odets (1906-1992) playwright, socialist, helped found the Group Theatre. Waiting for Lefty. Awake and Sing! Golden Boy. None But the Lonely Heart. Named names - that were already known.

Harriet Nelson (Peggy Lou Snyder) (1909-1994) – actress / singer. Ozzie hired her to be the girl singer with his band under the name of Harriet Hilliard. They married three years later.

Hume Cronyn (1911-2003) – actor

Red Skelton (1913-1997) – Circus clown, vaudeville, movies, radio comedian and tv great.

Dick Button – figure skater / commentator / took a walk on the wilde side at NYC's Central Park Ramble.

Hunter S Thompson (1937-2005) – writer  

Dion (Dion DiMucci) – singer. oh..jeez, Dion. Early rock and roll was sooo much fun, and seemed to have a thing for Italian boys. God knows I never complained.

Martha Reeves – singer

Hmmm, yes, well this is never gonna fly. Changing the You Tubes and pic sizes are going to take too much time to do everyday. And I've only done my parts. Yeesh! When I retire, when I retire. (If I do half the things I've put off 'til then I'll be so damned busy, it's already out of hand...)

The part posted is way too long, too.
But I'll try to put something from it up every day.
While I've been writing all of this out, Austansapce and my 'umble self have been having a fun conversation about our interpretation of our reactions to the final Harry Potter, recently making a wild left turn into the old movie theatres of NYC. That conversation should be a post. See, that's what's wrong with blogging. I want more of a conversation, a come back to it later evolving thought kind of thing. Like the old discussion boards. Anyone remember, ofh jeesh, there went the name, the uh, ah I Link board? (There were others.) You'd download a worldwide discussion you were part of,  take some time to write your answers, log back online and upload you "packet" and get the next one. You needed a special text reading program, I had, ummm, I justah! Speed Read!. Well, before I start getting into old days of Use Net, I'd better refocus. Where was I?

Oh, jeezus christ. There a param command in the html which isn't set right. Crap! Sonof a bitch...

Okay, it's been a couple of hours and I have everything back - sort of. It just won't look the way I want it to. And the Hunter Thompson quote won't enlarge when clicked. ETC.
By the by, it never rained.
But the sky is darkening again.

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