Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A little favour to ask...

(Sigh). Yesterday I got "spoken to" at work again. A customer had asked when the minimum to not have to sign a debit or credit card had gone up to $65.00. I answered and added a comment that I considered it sad that the bank card companies felt that $65.00 was too little to worry about. I thought nothing more of it until I was taken aside just before the end of my shift. My boss wanted to ask a 'favour' of me. (Translated, it means don't do it again, and it's not really a request.) Along with that comment, it was mentioned that the bank card companies are our clients and should be treated with respect; and that tough times were being had by everyone - not just me. That last part was interesting. I hadn't referred to my financial condition. Well, I had earlier when I met with the store's personnel officer - I wanted to cancel my health insurance as it will put about $250.00 a month in my pocket (includes going off meds). I was told that I can't get out of my policy or stop paying my premiums until  the start of the new year. I did say that that wasn't quite what I wanted to hear. (I do nothing to cancel the policy - the company is switching carriers again, all I have to do is not sign up.) I can only assume that the personnel person repeated the story to my boss. This is the same personnel person with whom I had the the discussion about my minimum hours and my part time level. If she mentioned my involvement with her "manager's meeting reminder", that sure would explain why I suddenly got three night time shifts, one until 9pm. I got another till 9pm this week. I have to stop thinking like this. After all, they "don't retaliate". Oh, I was also warned not to discuss politics at all. Free speech is great - for those who can afford it.

Cast of the new Tim Burton movie "Dark Shadows", starring Johnny Depp (center) as Barnabas Collins.

Is that card upside down, or...?

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Austan said...

Dahling, as soon as you can get outta that insurance (and I don't believe it's legal to tell you you have to have it), apply for VHAP: not having meds gets you an emergency supply. They may then afterward deny coverage, but all you have to do about that is call Bernie's office. That's the way you get VHAP now.