Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Everyone telling you "Be of Good Cheer"...

The world is growing cold again.
An un-named evil seems to be growing, sensing that it's time is near.
The signs are everywhere.

I've been able to keep the crying in check, but every now and then a sob still suddenly wracks my system.

Many customers are acting out.
Good morning! How are you?
(Mad that I spoke) "I'm in a hurry".
That was a nice customer.

The staff is acting out.
I got called into a 20 minute you've been very bad session because my register was near locking up for having to much money in it and the supervisor who showed up to take money out wanted me to get change instead. I suggested the deposit be done first. She went to management. She lied about what I said. Management believes and backs their own. If you want to keep your job you bow and shuffle. It's the same if a customer complains. They are always right. We are always wrong. I am told there are many complaints from the staff about my attitude. I guess I didn't bow and shuffle hard enough or low enough. My life there will be utter hell for the next month or two.

I have no money until payday, Thursday. To eat lunch, I wrote a check knowing that I will be able to get money into the bank before the check will be there to clear. The computer refuses to accept my check. It refers me to the bookkeeper. The book keeper discovers that I had a check that bounced at the store in 2004. It must have been resubmitted, as it then cleared. But, there was a $20.00 fee. It's been unpaid all these years. They didn't know about it until I tried to write a check. I didn't know about it either. My boss immediately noted, "you were sent a letter, everybody is". It is very very bad, as I am now an employee. I have to sign paperwork that I will pay the fee from the next two paychecks. A bit later, before they put me back on a register, I am called into another "conference". I must sign paperwork that states that I will pay the fee this Thursday or be dismissed. I ask if I might make the payment on the second week originally mentioned. This is, after all, the last paycheck before Christmas. I take home less than $200.00 per week. The answer is a resounding no.

I immediately hear the deep voice of Thurl Ravenscroft singing, "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch".
Then, when no one is looking, I start sobbing.

I don't belong in this world.

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Austan said...

Jesus. What the hell, is this "everyone's past comes back to bite ass" week?