Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Friggin' SOB Bastards

Just got back from a quick run downtown. I stopped at the Post Office to get any new mail. I shouldn't have. There was new mail, from Prudential. It was Prudential that had the enough money to bury me insurance policy that was taken out in the 1960s that I cashed in to save my financial ass last spring. There had been a loan on the policy, and interest charges on it had eaten away at the funds which were supposed to be providing interest on the principal. After cashing it in , all I got was $2,666.94, which was less than the figure I had been told (they found fees to charge & etc.). So what do I get in the mail today? An income-tax declaration - showing no  income tax withheld (they were supposed to), for "Gross distribution" of $6398.30.

I had been counting on my income tax refund to help catch up with my bills, and maybe get new sheets, new shoes, etc. But that's not going to happen now. Thing is, I sure didn't get $6,000+ out of them. What do they do, just make things up? Make me pay the taxes on the money they made off of the policy over a 40+ year period?

In my life I only had one dealing with an insurance company (Aetna, back in the mid 1970's) which seemed appropriate and above board. Every other dealing I had ever had with an insurance company has left me feeling cheated, screwed, and abused. I'd come up with even more descriptive terminology except I'm so mad and frustrated that I can't think properly.

I always said, even in my early 20's, that I would never sink so low as to take a job selling insurance.
Now I remember why.

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Austan said...

Call the IRS and the State. They do allow waivers in poverty cases. You will need to produce paper totalling what you paid off with the money you got but you may get a pass. Or call Bernie's office and ask them what to do. Talk to Gretchen.