Saturday, March 3, 2012

Some days I just can't

So. It's another where did the last four hours go morning, and I keep ending up back at the same place and shaking my head. I shake my head a lot these days. Side to side, not up and down. The same old place (as opposed to the old Same place) is a news story about the soldiers in Afghanistan who innocently burned copies of the Koran. Officials have officially stated, "Mistakes were made". Now that's the kind of statement that can cause one to become unstuck in time. Suddenly it is 1986 and that actor starring as President of the Good Ol' Boy US of A offers a non-apology apology over having sold weapons of destruction to Iran (violating the don't do business with terrorists pledge) to finance right wing Contras in Nicaragua, who were our okay because they were our terrorists. (The Contras were trying to topple the Sandinista government which had overthrown very bad man dictator Somoza and instituted programs for mass literacy, gender equality, and widespread easy access to medical care. Damned Socialists!)

Okay, so mistakes were made. And the Afghans overreacted by killing USA soldiers who were there to train their government in killing. Things got so bad the very model of a modern major general apologized, the President of the USA apologized, political candidates in the USA belittled the President, oh, a whole bunch o'shit hit the media fans.

And in all this time, no one, not one single columnist, not one single blogger, not one single reporter or commentator has, to my knowledge, wondered how it is that after 10 years amonkst the infidels no one had ever told those US soldiers that burning a Koran was an affront to Muslims? Did they maybe have sudden onset wisenheimers? I meant Alzheimer's. You know, the Reagan Thatcher demented-ia thing?

This just makes me wonder what "they" are covering up this time.
Or trying to hide.
As in distract us from.

Whatever it is, it certainly isn't trying to make US forget the rise in gas and oil prices.
This time it is supposed to be because the Iranians threatened to "close" the 24.2 miles wide Straights of Hormuz (why are fundamentalists always harping on being straights?) (Okay, it's only 21 point something in nautical miles.)There has been no blockade, just the threat of one. ABC News, to their Disney owned credit, ran an expose of Wall Street Speculators who had driven the price up. No one did an expose of the big oil companies and the extra monies they are raking in to bolster their already record profits.

Wait. Record profits. In a bad economy? Surely not oil companies like ExxonMobil? In the worst not a depression since the depression? You mean like GM? Or the insurance industry? Or medical product companies? Oh, that's right - we're all suffering; cut hours, downsizing, thrown out of work (does wonders for the bottom line), losing homes, homeless.... uh, huh. Can you say "managed economy"?

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