Tuesday, June 25, 2013

That kind of day

Every now and again I begin my own modest campaign to upgrade my use of the American version of the English language. This is accomplished by a refusal to use "adult language", although it might prove just as valuable to try to rid my personal lexicon of euphemisms. When I refer to 'adult language", I mean obscenity. Or what we used to call obscenity.

I'm old enough to remember when such language was used mostly between men in private. It was not to be used in front of women or children. I don't believe that this was sexist or ageist in intent. The main reason had to do with how we used to define civility.

Certainly,  as a teenager I was all for the loosening of societal strictures. At some point I became aware of Lenny Bruce and the legal problems he had from the use of expletives. His adult humor was a disguise for some occasionally insightful social commentary. While I did think that society needed to be less "uptight" about such things, I also understood that if it became acceptable to use such language in public, the floodgates would open and we would be inundated with a veritable tsunami of obscenity. The effect of such a change would be to devalue the use of those words. Back in the late 50's and early 60's, if one uttered a "damn it", people knew you were upset. If you uttered a good old fashioned "Goddamn it", the shock value was such that people scattered and stayed out of your way. I miss that.

Over the years, such language proliferated in fiction, in movies, in music, on TV. Now one can barely escape it on a day to day basis. And I am tired of it. I'm not only tired of it, I'm sick of hearing very young children curse like the stereotype of a sailor. I don't know why it really bothers me all that much when I also hear 8 year olds singing, or to be more precise rapping, sexually explicit material with great attention to detail. I got used to young girls dressing like Madonna in the 1980's, not quite understanding that the kicky outfits they were wearing were the accoutrements of exceedingly cheap ladies of the evening. But just because I became used to such things doesn't mean I enjoy them. (Well, maybe occasionally.)

It is good that we can now freely use real adult words, not just obscene ones. If my Aunt Mary had been able to talk about her female parts, her cancer might have been discovered before it took her life. As a people, we talk openly about sex now. It was good to demystify such things.

But that doesn't mean that I want to hear a constant stream of obscenity everywhere I go. Sometimes it can be funny (the character of Deb in 'Dexter', most any early Quentin Tarantino script), sometimes it can denote character, sometimes it can still shock.

Now, all of that having being said, I have to observe that today is an "oh, fuck" kind of a day. I'm not referring to the US Supreme Court, although they are certainly worth an "Oh, Fuck". It's all the little things, the heat, the humidity, the carrying of the vase with the peonies to refresh the water and having a thousand and ten petals shed all over the floor, the realization that the only thing cool I have for desert or late night snack is the jello and I'd forgotten to make it for the third day in a row. The discovery that the bananas intended to go into the jello had passed any acceptable edible standard in this heat. Well, they would make a great banana bread (especially my cranberry walnut banana bread) but it is really just too damn hot to have the oven on. I was a little extra pissed off as I had paid a tad more for organic bananas which really do taste better than the regular ones. Then there was the discovery that the refrigerator has been stressed in the heat and that the grapes had grown more fuzz than a teenage boy with Cro-Magnon tendencies. The discovery that the forever sharp paring knife I purchased to support a co-worker's shilling for the efforts her child should have put out for that school project won't even cut any of the useable grapes anymore. It's been the kind of day when one attempts to make the bed only to discover that somehow during the night a corner of the pushed aside sheet and blanket combo got under a container with a couple hundred home burn CDs which with the slightest flick of the sheets went sailing through the air spilling its contents far and wide. (That was a slight exaggeration - it merely turned over and spilled a couple hundred home burned CDs far and wide.) It's the kind of day when I had an appointment at the radio station, requested by the non-profits' vice president, and when I showed up at the requested time discovered that the person it was imperative have a chance to meet me had already left. So I did close to two hours of work and chores that needed doing, walked home in weather meant to crush the spirit of jungle ants, arrived home just in time to experience a power outage, which meant I had to return to the radio station to restart password protected computers that govern our automation and web stream. I have to admit, I was okay with all of this until about 4pm or so, when I heard myself utter a loud, plaintive "Oh, Fuck". And you know what? It's the perfect description for my day so far - it's been an "oh, fuck" kind of day.


Geo. said...

Stevil, profanity is nature's way of burning plaque off the backs of our teeth. Sometimes she arranges days like the one you ably describe just to induce good dentition.

sdt (a.k.a. stevil) said...

Geo. - well said. You made me smile. And how was your day?

Geo. said...

A little rain, a little sunshine, and that was just the weather!

sdt (a.k.a. stevil) said...

Geo. - (After getting back from the radio station where adjustments were needed to the webstream, which is still not right) You made me remember, "A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants."

(from "Chuckles Bites the Dust", one of my favorite all time tv episodes - from the Mary Tyler Moore show.)

Austan said...

And just when your face is dragging on the sidewalk, Cam goes on the air.