Sunday, October 26, 2014

My radio show for October 25th, 2014

This episode features a birthday salute to Charlie Barnet (born October 26, 1913), and includes a few excerpts from radio shows from 1944 when his band included Roy Eldridge; there's a few songs for the upcoming Halloween; and the Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands show from October 26th, 1944 with Louis Armstrong.

When I first uploaded the show to the service I'm using, it decided I had violated someone's copyright and blocked it - I had included musician names in the title. I made the title just the date, uploaded again, and this time it was okay, except the service decided that I had gone over my 6 hour time limit (for which I pay $5.00 per month). My calculator shows that I was about 30 seconds under 6 hours. I assume the service just wants me to pay for the "unlimited" level, but I can't spend that much just now. So, as punishment for going a couple of seconds over the limit, my show from October 11th is no longer available. Time to find another service. I'd really rather use Google Drive, which is free. But, if you don't have a google account, all you can do is download the show. If you do have a google account, the menu bar at the top of the page will have an "Open" choice which will allow you to stream the show using 'music player for google drive'. All I want to do is give my friends a chance to listen to my show while they're browsing the internet, without any hassles being involved. Too bad I can't afford the next level of the service I've been using. Maybe next month.

Addendum - I just got a message that the show was rejected by the service because it might contain something by Orson Wells over which someone claims copyright control. The show does open with an excerpt from the War of the Worlds broadcast, which is public domain.

I hope listeners enjoy the show.

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So much red tape.