Sunday, November 9, 2014

Through a Veil of Indifference

On November the 4th, 1944, the election was just three days away when ads for the Democrats began to appear in the local paper - the President had thought it unseemly to campaign while there was a war on. The ads for the challenger, the Governor of New York, had been appearing for several days.


On the radio early that afternoon was the 25th Eddie Condon Jazz Concert, broadcast on the Blue Network. The Blue had been one of NBC's two networks which, along with NBC Red, was owned by radio manufacturer RCA. It was spun off into its own entity after the government decided that no company  should be allowed to own two networks. The Blue would later become the American Broadcasting Company. Later that afternoon, Mr. Condon and about 30 "hot" musicians were going to appear at Carnegie Hall; several of his friends showed up for the broadcast. One of those friends, Red McKenzie, known for playing the 'jazz comb', provided one of his occasional vocals for the rarely heard "Through a Veil of Indifference".    It may just be the find of my entire show. 

I hope listeners enjoy the show.
It should, at the very least, end any cases of 'intolerable severity'.

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