Sunday, November 23, 2014

With Thanksgiving coming on...

On November the 21st, 1945, the United Auto Workers struck General Motors. The union claimed that G.M. was creating an artificial shortage of their product - which would drive up costs, slow sales, and result in layoffs and reduced wages for the remaining workers. The auto maker denied such claims. The union suggested that GM prove they were wrong by opening their books to scrutiny. G. M. refused. The strike lasted for over 4 months. Unions all across the country were trying to negotiate better contracts for their workers; even before the GM action, over 275,000 workers had been idled.

The War had been over since August; over 12 million U.S. men and women had gone off to fight it and were still returning home - and would be for some time to come. Housing shortages were common. Here in Brattleboro, the town purchased housing to be moved here, and put up Quonset huts for housing as well. A new High School was being planned, and development was becoming an issue.

Whoa! - That's my corner they're talking about!

The Government was still selling War Bonds, but had changed their name to "Victory Bonds".


One of the popular radio shows during the war years was the Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands sponsored by Coca-Cola. After the war, the show went back to its original name, 'Spotlight Bands'. On thee night of November 23rd, 1945, the spotlight picked out Jimmie Lunceford and His Orchestra. That broadcast is part of my most recent radio show, which also includes a birthday tribute to Hoagy Carmichael (born Nov. 22nd), and plays a couple for Thanksgiving.

While work is being done on a potential site where I can house my radio shows, the shows posted here on the blog are only available for three weeks at a time. If anyone takes the time to listen, I do hope you enjoy the results.


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