Monday, June 8, 2015

Taking note...

There are all sorts of things of which I should take note, and all sorts of things of which I should like to take note. But it's the beginning of June in Vermont. There is the maddening push to dig out enough garden space to finish planting the fruits and vegetables. May ended with another hot spell; it was dryer out than a temperance meeting. Thankfully, June debuted with a couple of days of soaking rain to the delight of every weed seed and root still hiding in the flower beds.

There was the annual Strolling of the Heifers, a tourist oriented event where folks from away can see young maiden cows. It's a whole weekend of the tourist dream of Vermont. I'm surprised we haven't been asked to pick our teeth with  pieces of hay. Of course the last dairy farm in Brattleboro closed down a few years back when the pasture became a Grafton Cheese store. Vermonter (by way of Brooklyn), Senator and now Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders often shows up to milk a cow. This year he only had time to walk the parade route and offer a few words before being whisked off to a campaign event in New Hampshire. Many of us have met Bernie before, but this time I shook the hand of a man who could become the next President of the United States. Over the years, I've met and/or been friends with a number of famous people. There's a New York thing one gets after living there about acknowledging but not fawning or bothering. I didn't gush or anything, but for the first time in my life I wanted to ask to have my picture taken with a celebrity. The radio station took part in the parade. During the evening hours, I had my radio show, and the station had a concert/dance benefit.

The flower garden, by the way, is coming along. This is year two of the reclamation project from a few years of neglect, little maintenance, and an outright attack attempting dominance by the gout weed. It will be a couple more years yet before it all fills in, but it is getting there.

Saturday's radio show (June 6th) observed a few birthdays of the weekend (all of whom deserve posts of their own) - bandleaders Ted Lewis, Jimmie Lunceford, and Glen Gray; singer Dean Martin; and composer/lyricist Cole Porter, whose birthday is Tuesday, June 9th. While a romp through his songbook will have to wait for next week's show, I did have to play a few...  And finally, the last portion of the show visited the first few days of June, 1944 for the anniversary of D-Day.

So with all that happening, there really hasn't been, and isn't yet, time to tell the story properly. I mean, I did take a few more photos of the garden....

I hope anyone who listens enjoys the show.

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