Saturday, August 15, 2015

Gosh, but it's been busy.

I've started a couple of posts, only to abandon them when various and sundry emergencies at the radio station, or with life in general, encouraged me to temporarily put them aside. There are now two weeks of my radio show which haven't been posted here. Tonight will add a third. As I find this totally unacceptable, I'm just going to post the shows, and will have to get back to stories of Solar Hill, my garden, and rambles around both another time.

First, the show from the 1st - in which, noticing that August had arrived - August! - a moderate sense of panic encouraged thoughts of grasping what was left of summer. There were dreams of getting in that vacation - kept more or less local, of course.

The program from August the 8th visited the first two weeks of August 1945, ending on the date that used to be noted on the calendar as "VJ Day", August the 14th.

I do hope any readers I may have left (family members, friends 'from away') will excuse me for not having gotten these posted sooner. My humble apologies. I hope folks enjoy these shows. Thanks!

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