Wednesday, October 27, 2010

There goes the neighborhood...

There are too many things to post just now.
Halloween is just a few days away ...
And then there is the world outside my doors (literally - they are my only window).
In two weeks the view has changed like this:

19 October 2010
27 October 2010
Well, that's what I see from my chair in front of the computer, anyway.

Without a car, I can't get around to take photos - but then again, all I really need to do is walk across the street and peek thru the leaves:

Or look back over my shoulder to St. Michael's Episcopal and the parking lot for the building I Live in.

Less than a minute walk towards town... the back edge of the Common.

A couple more of the Common...

Not too shabby for a couple of minutes walk, eh?

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Austan said...

Pretty stuff, our little town.