Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Hour is Nigh...

If you've been around the media portals recently, you've probably heard a prediction made by Harold Camping, president of Family Radio Network, which states that "The Rapture" (being taken up to heaven to be with the Lord) begins this evening at 6:00pm. I wonder if that's Daylight Savings Time? The Rapture is tonight and those who are left on Earth are condemned to live thru several months of Apocalyptic horrors until October 21st, 2011 when the Earth will be completely destroyed.

The media is in love with the story, especially considering that Mr. Camping has made the prediction before and his vision didn't quite work out as he believed. So, you ask, since he's been wrong before, why would he risk public embarrassment and the disillusionment of his money donating followers?

The truth, discovered after much research is this: it's a diversion. Camping is CIA. Lookit, "Family Radio Network" is three words - just like: "Central Intelligence Agency"!!! And what, you might ask, is this a diversion from? That Osama bin Laden mess.The Whites House keeps changing the story of what actually happened. But in every version they tell, the Central fact is that Osama bin Laden is dead. Buried at sea. You can't check anything, the evidence is gone.

Well, here comes the shocker: Osama bin Laden never existed. It's been a ploy all along. Back when the U.S. storm troopered its way intro Iraq, the soldiers ousted the Taliban and Osama and his men escaped over the only mountain pass into Northwestern Pakistan. The only one. Why weren't soldiers stationed there? It's simple. There was no Osama bin Laden. If his men escaped using that route, that would take away the do-evilers and their Taliban friends, Get 'em out of the country with the least possible amount of effort. There is no other explanation which makes sense. Bin Laden was a fiction.
Using this idea, the men who really run the country got the government to hand them billions of dollars for the undeclared war efforts. Billions, and probably more, something like a trigazillion bucks. Under the watchful eye of the Republicans, these men are bankrupting our nation. And no one seems to notice. The question we should be asking ourselves is "to what purpose"? Why do they need all these funds? What are they up to?

Some of you may think I'm pulling your legs, so to speak. But really, think about this for a moment: How do you know that Osama bin Laden existed? Because someone told you so? Because you saw it on ABC News? ABC News is a division of The Walt Disney Company. The rare nature documentary aside, The Disney Company doesn't deal with reality. They're entertainers, for Christ's sake. They package and sell dreams. Look it up. IT'S TRUE !!!

Okay, so it's now well past 6pm and I'm still here. There haven't been any earthquakes. Cars drive by on Putney Road. The Nuclear Plant is still intact. It didn't happen. Or did it? How would we know that souls had been ruptured?

To be continued...

(P.S. - the above information is obviously a very sensitive thing. If I just seem to vanish in a couple of days, you'll know. They're watching. You're next.)


Geo. said...

As a Californian, nobody could be more astonished at the worldwide attention Harold Camping got than I am. I've tuned in to his "Open Forum" show for years and always learned something interesting about the Bible. As this state's official Thurberesque "Get-Ready!" man, he's miscalculated Armegeddon before and we excuse that. But never has it orbited the whole planet like a Capra "what-if" and scolded everybody to behave. I felt it go over my town. Every town was Bedford Falls last Saturday. Compliments on your blog
from a 1st-time visitor.

sdt said...

Hey, Geo!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for complimenting my blog. It's appreciated.