Saturday, August 27, 2011

Where is Jon Hall when you need him?

As Austanspace noted, hurricane hysteria is at its pique. The supermarket where I work has had two days of sheer customer madness hell. We get in a shipment of water, and it sells out in minutes.

One of my usual customers told me that she had called her sister in North Carolina. Her sister was in line at the supermarket down there. The woman in line before her was stocking up on lightbulbs in case the electricity went out.

Okay, off to work....


Austan said...

Hahahgahahah!!!! At PC yesterday, the PA loop said, "We have all the supplies you need in this time of emergency. Good luck!" And Alicia heard someone on their cell saying, "Fill the bathtub! Just fill the bathtub!" If this turns out to be another Gloria fiasco, the next time, nobody will pay attention.

Austan said...

Here's a photo gallery of our old haunt preparing for The Big Wet One: