Monday, August 29, 2011

After the hurricane

Town is a mess. An even bigger mess than my room. A still larger mess surrounds us. The hurricane faded away about 2:30pm or so yesterday afternoon. Here are a couple of pics I purloined off the web:

Here's a couple of clips 

Well, that was something, eh? The upcoming clip affects me quite a bit. This is not a Brattleboro clip. It comes from a smaller town further upstate, but it gives you an idea what the country side around here looks like:

This next is from our Community Television:

A lot of roads have damage. In this county alone, there are at least 13 towns or villages which are cut off from everything becasue bridges washed away, or the road washed out, etc:

The folks who were in low lying areas were evacuated before the storm to stay at the local High School. Here's the gym being readied:

A little panorama, please

As I mentioned, the news from the towns around Brattleboro is bad. Areas completely cut off. Still a lot of people without electricity. And they might not get it for a week. The stories vary. It is difficult to tell what is real, what is exageration, and what is made up. A couple of towns up the road there is one of those picture postcard villages (it was, ummm, 'helped along') named Grafton, well known for its cheese. Here's two of my own pics, one looking back towards the village, and the second of a visitor's stop at  the Grafton Cheese Company entrence. It's just the beginning of what we've lost.

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Rory Grant said...

Sorry to see such damage - it's heartbreaking. Living in Queensland I know what a toll such an event can take.

Stay dry!