Wednesday, August 31, 2011

News from Austanspace...

If anyone is checking here for news about my friend Laura over at Austanspace:

Laura is fine. A friend has been putting her up. She hasn't been able to return home yet. The area in which she lives suffered damage from the "tropical storm" flood. There is a new and very large trench (5 feet deep and 10 inches wide) which went right up to the foundation of her home. The engineers are still taking a look at it, but they've allowed the electricity to be turned on. She'll be going over there some time today. Typically, she is more concerned about her neighbors than herself. In this morning's email, she noted that she "can't even keep up with all the emails full of love, so please do put that on your blog. i'm ok. it's all gonna be fine.".

The area we live in has suffered a great deal of damage. Just about everyone is helping out, often to or for people they don't know. That's one thing about Brattleboro and the area in general - people come out in droves to help when an emergency occurs. The past few months have been very dispiriting around here, but the response to people in trouble has been great amid all the chaos. That's one of the reason's we live here.

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Austan said...

Thanks Stevil- Yay I got in! It's actually way worse outside and way better inside than I thought. It'll be a week b4 I can go home cuz the insurance co isn't coming til Sunday and then they have to fill the trench (which is about 20 feet wide and 3 feet deep and runs the whole length of the buildings) and rebuild the back stoops so the FD is happy... it could have been so much worse. I hated those rugs anyway. Now we gotta work on getting furniture and appliances for the 25 apts that lost everything. Those are all really elderly peep at the woods end. All they've collected, all they've cherished, is gone. That's heartbreaking.