Friday, September 2, 2011

Notes and tidbits.

There is one thing I meant to mention in my last post which I forgot in my mental sputtering over the machinations of the Republicans and their Tea Party allies.

As I watched videos of hurricane/tropical storm Irene and its effects on Vermont, I saw something which I did find a little disturbing. The waters of several flooding rivers were running red. There was a river which turned red a week or so ago in the west or Midwest. There was a river that turned red in China the other day. There were others. But now, when I do a search for this topic, the news stories seem to have disappeared. Rivers running red is, of course, a sign of the Biblical apocalypse.

Last year, while I was writing about British Petroleum and the oil "spill" in the Gulf of Mexico, Austanspace noted the odd increase in earthquakes. This morning, as I was reading online news, stories started appearing about a category 6.8 earthquake off the Alaskan coast. Was it last week, or two weeks ago, there was the earthquake from Virginia which rocked much of the east coast of the United States. Last evening, there was a 4.2 in the greater Los Angeles area. Yesterday, there was a 5.9 quake in the Santa Cruz Islands. Also yesterday was a 4.6er off the coast of Sumatra. There was a 4.9 off the coast of Ecuador. And a 4.3 in western Iran. And a 4.5 near San Juan, Argentina. And that's just the reporting this morning.

Oh, I should probably mention that in one small Vermont town, the flood unearthed 30 some caskets from the graveyard. Many were opened by the waters, and bones are strewn all about. Route 100 even had an open casket w/dead body in the center of the road.

I've got to stop now and go off to work.

September 2 is the 245th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.
There are 477 days remaining until the end of time.

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