Wednesday, September 7, 2011


It's raining. Through my windows on the world, there is a verdant scense of calm and quiet. The leaves of trees hang heavy in the rain, the oddly peaceful rain. A few leaves on the large old maple tree in front of the ivy covered (naturally) brick church are beginning to turn a half hearted orange. Here and there the green in a few birch leafs is draining away into an as yet pale yellow. The way I see it, there is no painted asphalt road, no ugly bright yellow crossing sign, no sound of tires or cars. Those are the calm moments. It's where I try to live.

Sadly, and to my everlasting regret, the fuckin Republicans and Tea Parties aren't leaving much in the way of calm moments. I try to ignore them. But they're there, an incessantly babbling background of bulimic regurgitation and all, all of it, cancerous bile. The frigging House actually refused a request for a special meeting and address by the President of the United States. Take the next day. It's worse than playing politics. They may hate and despise Obama, but they should still respect the Office. They told us so years ago. Today that crowd has started declaring that they won't attend the joint session of the House and Congress. They have no respect.

Off and on over the last few months, the stories appeared and took hold. They grew. They multiplied. The hour of the 10th anniversary of the coming of the Great Tragedy is at hand, hallelujah. News stand magazines. Time Life Specials. TV spectacles and repeats, Praise the Lord Who WIII Deliver US!
And I am sick of it. It's disgusting. We just don't need to relive that in enmasse spiritual masturbation right now. It's not Nostalgia, dammit. And for many web portals, where do you think they have their 10th anniversary slide shows, opinions, and time charts? As the first listed item under the header "Entertainment", that's where.  That's not just disgusting, that's contemptible. In my world in New York City there would be mass protests at the media castles and obelisks, thousands in an undulating line of pointing fingers and cries of Shame! Shame! Shame! They are making money off of this. Shame! Shame! Shame! (I wonder if I can get one of the souvenir books...).

So here's this intense wave of America betrayed, America Destroyed, America...    Roll out the barrels by jingo jam-ohhhh - to what purpose now? What new war this way cometh? Unending war. unending upon unending

in wisescreen hi-def stereophonic surround sound.
I lean over and turn it off.

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Austan said...

Bastards. They're no Tea Party, they're a Piss Party. I've had it with all this shit. I dunno what yet, but I'm gonna do something.