Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas album art

While writing that last post, two great things happened. I realized that this is the perfect time to start this post, and I noticed that our Scottish friend had been Scribblin' again. These two are inter-related as I would hope that he'll find this post and be amused, or at the very least decide he's been challenged to an awful album art contest. And Christmas album art, at that!

Here beginith our meditation upon midnights, clear or otherwise:

Well, that was fun. Blogger decided that it wouldn't allow me to update and save my page after I started adding graphics.  Then, I couldn't sign in to my own account. After that, a search showed that my blog didn't exist! Several weeks ago, Blogger put up a new interface, and I really liked it. The very next day, I got an error message that Blogger no longer supported my browser, IE9. Naturally, since Blogger is owned by Google, the Google Chrome browser is the browser of corporate choice.

This sort of thing will, of course, be continued.
You have been warned.


Austan said...

I especially snorted at the 10 cent price tag on the Disco Christmas album. Bring em on, tis the season of tastelessness!

Anonymous said...

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sdt said...

I've let what is obviously spam go through because it makes it seem like someone other than Laura reads my comments, or leaves me messages.