Sunday, December 4, 2011

Inappropriate connections

There is one thing about reaching the age I have (61) that leaves me both wryly amused and/or horrified. Browsing through various Christmas/Holiday music posts on Usenet, looking for nothing in particular, I stumbled across an album titled "The Christmas in You". As if that title weren't already waaaay up on the "you know that has to be dreck" list, you'd have to be around my age to appreciate the effect of noticing that the artist is one Jill Johnson. Thanks to age and the desperate need to upgrade 13 year old or so glasses, I read the performer as "Jill Johnston". She was a one time dance critic for the Village Voice in New York City, and the daughter of a nurse and a man whose family clock maker firm designed and built the carillon for the Riverside Church.

As the 1960's gave way to the 1970's, she lost her capital letters and began writing about sexual politics, becoming one of the founders of the lesbian separatist movement. The idea of that jill johnston recording an album of Christmas music can only be trumped by the idea of what she would say about the album recorded by Jill Johnson.

See, part of the problem with these little synapse breaks taken by our dancing neurons is that while they are often drolly amusing, their humor is often destroyed by attempt to try to explain them. Now, this kind of thing happens to me all the time these days, but I rarely remember them. This little less than a gem just happened to occur when I had a window available to post it into this blog. I'll try to remember some of these as time goes by so I can post them here. In the meantime, who out there has a favorite to share from their own reading and comprehension escapades?

In case you get to wondering, the song list for this album did have a little potential:

I mean, "Blame It on Christmas"? That could be potential holiday song gold, right? Ehhh, wrong!  Country western pop. Not unexpected you know. She has an okay voice and presentation. But the blame she's laying is that she misses you so, or was that she misses God so? I don't really want to listen to it again to find out. Yeah, the operative word is "dreck" allright.

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