Friday, December 2, 2011

here the angelic voices

After yesterday's missive, Laura (Austanspace) sent me a link to a Joey McIntyre performance of "O, Holy Night" from a year or two ago. (Thanks, Laura!) It was one of those videos taken by someone holding a cellphone. I  noticed that there were a few other videos of varying length for the one performance. In the longest one that I found, he starts off off key and ad libs his way around to starting over. He's funny and charming. And it looks like an off the cuff moment that would be scripted. I'll put a link up further down in this post. But first, a message from our sponsor. The message today is very much about seeing the same thing from a different angle. In other words, I changed my search term from "Joey McIntrye, etc." to "Tree lighting Boston Common". It produced the desired result.

You know that by now I've had to google the kid. He was a New Kids replacement, joining just before they hit it big. He was 13 at the time. As the youngest member of the band, he never really fit in. He's been married for a few years now. He and his wife welcomed their third child this year. After the New Kids broke up, he played the Boy in the movie version of The Fantastics. He took over the lead male role in the Broadway show Wicked. When he couldn't get a solo recording contract, he used his own money to record an album and sold it over his website. The album was called Stay the Same and had a popular eponymous song hit. It is included in the segment below. There's also a little something near the finale when McIntyre is joined onstage by his friend and former boy band co-hort Jordan Knight. As a by the by, Mr. Knight quietly came out earlier this year.

So here's the performance I mentioned yesterday.
Now that I've seen it a second time, I'm still impressed.

And if you want to see the performance where he started off off key, click here.

I just listened to him again.
I'm still impressed.
I guess I needed to change my mental search term on 'boy band member'.
He's starting to get that Leonard Cohen edge of prophet thing.
I'm going to have to start paying attention to his career.

It's a nice discovery with which to start off the month.
You know, I just may come out of retirement and do Christmas again this year.


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