Saturday, January 21, 2012


Is it wrong of me to want to have a smoke detector that doesn't go off every time I boil water? All I have to do is turn on the exhaust fan, but even at the slow speed the noise is overwhelmingly obnoxious. It's bad enough where I work - buzzers buzzing, bells ringing, beeps beeping, kids screaming, bad 80's music playing on the celestial sound system where "Shiny Happy People" seems to play every 20 minutes as though it will somehow turn either the staff or the customers into happy face moronic shoppers... oh,, they just don't have happy faces. Everywhere, it seems, there is noise, noise, noise. I feel positively grinchy.


klahanie said...

Ah yes...noise. And thus I shall type very quietly and wish you a nice, quiet and very peaceful weekend :)

sdt said...

Why Thank You.
With the snow slowing things down, it has been reasonably peaceful for my day off.