Friday, January 20, 2012

I do not like the way this year has started

It's only January the 20th, for Christ'sake. Already we've had IowaNewHampshire free time for uncontested Republican ideology, SOPA, PIPA, the Costa Concordia tragedy advertisement for the upcoming 3D re-release of the movie Titanic, a severed head rolling around the Hollywood sign, the bankruptcy reorganization last ditch attempt to save Eastman Kodak from extinction, a Russian intended destination Mars aircraft that fell to earth no one quite knows where, locally horrible news of the accident related death of a well known woman, a teenager killed by a train, a ruling from Federal level Judge Murtha that the local falling apart nuclear plant run by cost-cutting seeming we don't care about the consequences as long as we rake in the dollars sociopaths who have lied to the state and it's agencies can stay open for another 20 years, a friend losing her job due to the closing of a store which benefited our local hospice, the forced cancellation of a mediation session between the town approved but yet to be built skate board park and the intractable well off bastards who live across from it and are horrified by the thought of such commonness near them (although hidden in save the park stay green sloganeering),  the nearly complete destruction of our once wonderful local daily paper, and now the announcement of the passing of both Etta James and Johnny Otis, who wrote her first big hit and made her a star.

It's all a bit much.


Austan said...

I don't know that this year's any worse than others. Sometimes I think it's just that we're paying closer attention now. It sucks, but does it suck more than any other point in life? I haven't seen a month that didn't suck in so long I don't remember.

sdt said...

Well, if that's the way we want to look at it, I haven't really liked the way other years have started since, oh, maybe 1958 or so.

Austan said...

Exactly. I can't recall any year since my birth that was good. While I'll still bitch at shit happening, it's just more of the same.