Saturday, June 16, 2012

Adverts June 1940

Anyone familiar with my radio show knows that toward the end of a program, I usually include a big band broadcast from the same week, just a different year. And I usually read a bit from the local newspaper that was published the day of the broadcast. I love reading some of the old advertisements. Here's a few examples from the Daily Reformer of June 13th, 1940 (or thereabouts - I do take a little artistic non-exact date license with the advertisements - small town newspaper, not a lot of pages).

God, I'd love to have that car!

Of course you can right click (open in new window - then left click on the image again) to enlarge....

I'd rather not watch for them, thank you.


Anonymous said...

$807.00 for a new car. Criminology.

sdt (a.k.a. stevil) said...

And a good looking car at that! The US minimum wage in 1940 was 43 cents an hour. The average salary was $1,299.00 per year (teachers did a little better at $1,441.00 per year average). It was still an expensive proposition.

Twisted Scottish Bastard said...

I love the idea of a "perforated pipe"

The idea...not using it.