Thursday, January 26, 2012

A few from The Vaults

While making file folders and organizing various graphics, I felt like it was time to share again...

Here's an old fave from the exploitation movie poster files. (Did I ever mentioned that I worked for Sam Lake back in the late 1970's or so? God, and I'd finally managed to forget that one, too. Shipping porno trailers to states in the American South labelled as "machine parts"! Really, I'm not making this up.) Okay, be here now, from 1961, a.k.a. "V.D."... the story of a high school track star, his girlfriend and the new girl in town...

of course, there was a little something else that became a plot point. Here, from my WPA art files:
(The Works Progress Administration, a Federally funded program which hired artists during the Depression)

Arrruuugggghhh. I can't believe I forgot to post this one on the appropriate date:

and, from the Early Disneyland (and other Amusement Parks and Arcades and that sort of stuff) files, Tomorrowland in 1957!

and finally for today, a reminder that February is Library Lover's Month:

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