Saturday, January 28, 2012

The flood this time

So. I went downstairs to do my laundry. I couldn't help notice that there was water all over the floor in various places. I wasn't going to look, but I had to. Yes, it had hit my storage unit, And it looked like it hit various spots I had previously deemed safe. Even with my back out, I spent a good 45 minutes or so digging to the back. I did, after all, have 16mm film prints sitting on the floor. Thankfully, I had put the prints in metal canisters on the bottom. The lowest can was the final 40 mins of David Copperfield (the one with W.C. Fields as Micawber). The can was soaked. It was so wet, I was surprised that slugs weren't living on it. It took a minute to get the can open. And, praise be, the reel of film itself was absolutely dry. So, I've lost a few empty boxes in which electronic things came, a blanket, the electric mattress pad, the gift wrap bag and all the pretty ribbons, the box of Christmas Cards whose design was a Metropolitan Opera snow scene poster from La Boehme (ouch), and I found a few things I'd been looking for, especially the little plastic box of push pins - yes, I've been too cheap (and broke) to buy more because I knew they were there somewhere. I'm worried about the 16mm projector, it looks like the bottom may have gotten wet. My big 32" tv (in storage only because there isn't enough room for it -and - the Hi Def one that I was given in my room) seems like it's okay - I didn't move it yet, but it doesn't feel wet around its floor space.

Of course, now I want to bring up the electronics, bring up and use the 16mm projector, check the VHS machine once more, maybe I can get it working, etc.

Bringing up and setting up the old amplifier, speakers, and tape deck was a wonderful thing, Now I want to do more, bring up and re-connect the turntable, too. I want to listen to my music again. I want to see my old films again. Basically, I'm delving into stuff I haven't been able to play with for a good number of years. They're from a different, earlier me, part of the detritus we leave behind. And I like the person I'm discovering. He definitely had good taste, at least.

I must get back to it, I left stuff all over the place down there.
And the bottom box of the DVD's looks very wet... (ominous music).

To be continued...

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