Thursday, July 3, 2014



A Modest Proposal for the Preservation of Individual Rights and Liberties.
In Brattleboro- July 3rd, 2014

When, in the course of legal events it becomes evident that the separate and equal rights which the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God entitles us have become diluted, a decent respect for the opinions of others requires some explanation of the course of action being proposed.

Whereas the business community incorporated enjoys benefits of low to no taxes, taxpayer funded operating and research subsidies, the ability of the Officers of the Corporation to not be held personally responsible for the debts of the corporation engendered by them, legal protection of name and accounts against piracy, legal ability to financially influence elections and lawmaking beyond what is seemly, ability to discriminate against others on religious grounds, and sundry other benefits which are not available to the common taxpayer, a course of corrective action in favor of the individual is required. Corporations enjoy such rights, and corporations are considered to have the rights of individuals. Therefore, I humbly propose that each and every one of us becomes our own closely held individual Corporation.

In the state of Vermont, a “B corporation” (for Benefit Corporation) status is available. Decisions affecting the operation of such corporation take into account social and environmental missions, and a public benefit (i.e a percentage of profits donated to a specific cause) may be declared. Such a corporation may name specific benefit purposes, i.e. influencing educational standards that affect the children of our corporate families, by advocating for the teaching of fact based science, etc.

It might be best, however, to incorporate in some offshore country which exists basically for the evasion of taxes. As the corporation will advocate for wealthy and large corporate entities to pay a more equitable share of their income in taxes, this may seem ill advised. But in an era in which a company can successfully argue for a faith based exemption from providing health care which includes birth control, while that same company has investments in the manufacture of contraceptives, the concept of hypocrisy has obviously lost any meaning or sense of shame. Incorporating in another country could, therefore, be presented as a public display of our seriousness of purpose.

As the process of incorporation will require some small investment, as well as a Board of Directors of the corporation, I propose an even exchange – help me afford the cost and become a member of my board, and I will do the same for you.

As one of the first orders of business would be in the arena of public education, namely the encouraging of others to invest in individual corporations, we would, of course, offer advice and services to that end for a small fee. I would therefore suggest the adoption of a slogan on the order of “Control your fate – incorporate!”

Those interested in being on the Board of my corporate entity should contact me privately.

Thank You.


Delores said...

I've often said I'd like to find a deserted island somewhere and start my own country....population 1. A corporate entity sounds like the beginning of a bad dream lol.

sdt (a.k.a. stevil) said...

Delores, I'd like to get one of those "secluded island" places myself. Just not too secluded. And nothing that would require sacrifices of virgins to volcano gods. Hmmm, then again.....