Saturday, July 5, 2014

Those trees and etc.

Regarding yesterday's post, I wondered about the identity of a stand of trees on the Havemeyer Webb estate (the Shelburne Museum).  Those trees, by the way, line one side of Route 7 just outside of Burlington as it heads south towards the museum. We didn't find any of the gardening staff to ask about the identity of the trees. I'm sure they would know, but if they don't another short drive will get one to another part of the Webb family's estate which became the 1,500 acre Shelburne Farms, devoted to sustainable agricultural practices, which is also noted for its gardens.

As it happens, I took a few photos of the trees:

Geo may have identified the trees (Thank You, Geo!) They are possibly ligustrum japonicum. Whatever they are, I like them when they're in bloom.

Since I've gone this far, I might as well post a couple of the other pictures I took on the museum
grounds. As we entered the admissions building, it was impossible to ignore these haystacks which were standing outside. They aren't your everyday standard Vermont or New England haystack:

The reason for their appearance became evident a little later in the new exhibition gallery:

Monet - Haystacks in Winter

There are many gardens at the museum. This was one I walked by:

The following caught my eye. As I'll explain one day soon, I'm going to have to move some of my plants at Solar Hill to make more grazing area for the sheep. That includes moving my hostas. I used to have lady's mantle (with the chartreuse flowers) in my garden in Boston. I miss it and would like to have it again. I suspect I will copy this idea:

My heart goes out to those who volunteer:
The above garden was next to a building with an old wooden cellar entrance:

Which was (I think) across from this lovely old building, whose investigation is waiting for another time.

And that building was next to the giant chair. I suspect the chair came from nearby Gardner, Massachusetts - a mill town which turned out, you guessed it, chairs.

Well, Blogger is being a bit difficult again, the photos are either out of focus or I am (hey - it happens!) and I am way behind in the preparations for tonight's radio show. This seems to be the perfect place to leave off - a chair just waiting. I hope you get to sit in it one day.


Anonymous said...

Lovely old buildings. We had an outside cellar door similar to that one when I was a kid.

sdt (a.k.a. stevil) said...

Where did my response go? I wrote one, I swear (sometimes much more loudly than I am aware). Like hell; I want everyone to share the pain. The other browser, the one everyone says I should use, seems to dislike Blogger. Sorry. Heavy sigh.