Wednesday, July 2, 2014

getting there

My garden is at Solar Hill, which is about a 40 minute walk from where I live. It's an enjoyable enough walk, with a number of interesting buildings and front yard gardens along the way. I like the effects of early morning light.

Once I get about half a block down the street, I usually cross at about this point and cut through the town common. Currently, the white clover is in bloom.
There are momentary distractions along the way...
The wood on the side of the dirt road up Solar Hill.

I generally go there very early in the morning these days as I am now finding it quite uncomfortable to work in the sun after about 11am. The changes in just one day can be surprising. The berry like slightly out of focus red buds in yesterday's picture look like this today:

And the as yet to open gloriosa daisy from yesterday came into better focus....
The cemetery rose that hides in the day lily foliage was blooming too. I found its parent in a friend's family cemetery many years ago; it was in the mid 1800's section of the plots.  It is heavily scented, by the way.
Also new this morning:

On the way home, about two blocks from where I live, there is a legal office which painted its side wall this spring. I've already made this pic my desktop:


Geo. said...

Protect this marvel. It is my experience that sports leagues and nuclear disasters have the same effect upon the landscape.

Anonymous said...

I love that shot of the woods.