Friday, August 12, 2011


So. I like playing solitaire. I've played the windows version a lot over the years. For Windows 7, a few changes have been made. Now, when you win, the cards fall quickly and, as they hit the bottom of that window, break into small flying bits, the sound of the glass tinkles like a charming version of a wind chime. Your score is based not only on your winning, but there is a time element as well. I used to play it so fast, always remembered what cards were where, etc. I'm much slower now. Today, I passed a couple of minutes playing , expecting a good score but not sure how quickly I did it. Before the game added in my time score, my main score was 666.

The ABC Evening News featured a story about bats. The northeast population is dealing with an outbreak of white nose powder or whatever its called. The population is being decimated. But other bats are replacing them. Vampire bats from Mexico are moving north. They're the type that needs blood to survive. They bite. Humans. How many signs are there? How many do we need?

I'm just saying is all.


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Austan said...

Great. We've had the 2-legged variety forever, now the real thing is coming. Bring it on! Let's get it overwith!