Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why I'm not completely surprised

One thing I mentioned in a comment over on Austanspace that I have not duly recorded here yet...

The other day - yes, in daytime - I had another bat in my room. This one was black. At one point, it flew right to the back door (actually the entrance to the place) which I had opened so it could fly out. It started to fly out into the daylight, but it was like an invisible wall stopped it. It turned around and flew straight down the galley kitchen and into my room. It circled for a few laps before vanishing.

There is one thing bothering me. I had the first bat in my room, a white bat at that, just after the June solstice. And this one visited at the end of the usual lammas days (sounds like a sale event).

White and black.
Beginning and End.
Alpha and Omega.

I also remember commenting that something evil had passed by.

I haven't figured out what all this means, if anything.

I am, however, beginning to hear of other indoor bat visits. One showed up at my landlord's real estate offices in a daylight visit. Somebody on ibrattleboro took note of a brown bat...

As the rumors go round and 'round, oh o oh ho, ohoh... 

Remember that "flying bird" that caused an airplane flight to turn around - it was just an "odd" item in the news. Well, it turns out that it wasn't a bird, after all.  It was a bat. Good God, is this all promo for the new Batman movie?

What if....

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