Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another sign of the you know what times...

So, according to some article I surfed through this morning, on the first work day after downgrading US Bonds, Standard and Poor's 500 Index lost 6.66% of its value. (And they said not to mind that lake that's turning blood red.) I've tried confirming this figure, but I stopped as trying to wade through financial speak gives me the willies. At any rate, it's too good not to mention.

Speaking of the early 1960's, I do have to say that the music was great. Today would have been Bobby Hatfield's birthday. He was half of the Righteous Brothers. And, yes, I still have my 45's of "You Lost That Lovin' Feeling", and the following:

Oh, man does that take me back to a world of bumper cars and skee ball or what?  You could be Nehi to a grasshopper... Imagine,  a world where you could watch performers doing their stuff live. Ohhhhhhhh, Myyyyyyyeee looooovvvve, myyyyyyee darlllllling..... Please don't tell me to keep my day job. So, hats off to Hatfield and a Hi-de-ho to the leader of one of the great, classic, girl groups: wish  birthday happies to the original badgirl herself, Ronnie Spector. And remember. she deserves extra props for having married Phil.

Now about that Chevy Impala....

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