Thursday, August 11, 2011

The problem here is that people won't riot

So. There's something bothering me. Last night, a heck of a lot of people showed up for a vigil for that unfortunate man  who was shot and killed at the Co-op. Okay. That's cool. The Press was there. The  TV station up in Burlington was there. The Governor was there. See, the thing is this. A little over a week ago, there was another murder here. She was a young woman with problems. She knew many people here. The local (daily) paper takes great pains, every time she is mentioned, to note that she lived in Bellows Falls. As though that would explain it, as though they could wash their hands of it. As though it might absolve them. This woman was forced from an apartment in town (that's as explicit as it gets) at gunpoint. She was taken a little bit up the road and killed by her boyfriend, a drug dealer.  They'll bring her up to front page again when the co-op story dies down. They'll use it to incite conversations and endless discussions with the same forty or so people who usually turn up for these things. Oh, the situation in town. What do we do? Why (sob!)? Hugs are distraction, as the co-op or the town figures a way to make money off this. And in all this time, in all this time, where was her vigil? Where were the tv cameras? Where was the paper? The Governor didn't bother to show up, for her? Why is it that we aren't hearing much about abducting someone in daylight? At gunpoint? Two victims. Both shot dead. One is well off. The other wasn't. One held a prestigious position at the co-op, the right people, you know. The other includes the involvement of drugs. And bad people. The Town manager didn't write a eulogy-press release for her. And she didn't get the spotlights and all out production values. All she got was dead.


Rory Grant said...

And it's being repeated all over America if not the world.


Austan said...

Bingo, Stevil. I'd venture to say that about 3/4 of the peep who showed up at the coop "vigil" (a vigil? What were they watching for?)-had never even met the victim. Melissa worked at Frankie's. A lot of people knew her. She was poor; he was not. He gets a "vigil". She gets smeared. Ego-hippie, Trustafarian hypocrisy.